Privacy Statement


As part of its day-to-day business, Sinbad Marine Services collects various types of data including personal data from people who interact with the company online and offline. This data may be held in physical or electronic format. Sinbad Marine Services takes very seriously its responsibilities with respect to how and why it collects this data, and how it is managed in terms of how, where and for how for long this data is stored.  

Who we are 

Sinbad Marine Services is a ships’ agent operating at Shore Road, Killybegs, Co. Donegal, F94 DC89, Ireland.  

Why we collect and process data

  • Day-to-Day Business: Sinbad Marine Services will collect personal data that it requires in order to carry out its day-to-day business in an efficient, professional and relevant manner. This will include but is not limited to, correspondence necessary to provide services to customers, to respond to queries, to provide relevant business information to contacts, and to liaise with third parties for business purposes. 
  • Website: The company website collects data relating to visitors to the website through the use of cookies including Google Analytics for analytics purpose. This can include IP addresses, geographic location, browser type, language default, duration of access and pages visited. This information helps the company to ensure that the website is optimised for visitors on the website. For example, that it is compatible with various browsers and devices, that it is optimised for use in geographic locations, and that the website provides relevant information on the pages visited.  
  • News and Product Updates: Through various channels now or in the future, Sinbad Marine Services may invite audiences to subscribe to news updates and/or product updates. In order to ensure that the company only sends relevant information to contacts, and that correspondence is sent in a personal, efficient and professional manner, Sinbad Marine Services will ask for some personal data. For this purpose, personal data may include a contact’s name, email address, telephone number, location and other data necessary to complete the communication. Only contacts who have specifically requested or agreed to become a subscriber, will be added to Sinbad Marine Services’ subscriber database.  

In any circumstance, Sinbad Marine Services will only collect and process data where:  

  • it has the consent of the individual; 
  • it is carrying out a contract; 
  • it is complying with a legal obligation; or 
  • It is in the legitimate interests of company/organisation (except where those interests are overridden by the interests or rights and freedoms of the individual). 

Protecting personal data

Sinbad Marine Services prides itself as a company that carries out all of its operations with integrity and respect for all of its audiences, as well as respect for the rule of law. 

Sinbad Marine Services’ business depends on its reputation with customers to trust the safety, quality and dependability of its services. Likewise, it is important for the company’s reputation that customers and others can trust Sinbad Marine Services to treat their personal data safely and securely.  

Sinbad Marine Services is also aware of its legal obligations to protect personal data gathered. As an internal requirement, all staff who handle personal data are briefed regarding the applicable legislation. Sinbad Marine Services adheres to the requirements of the Data Protection Act 2018 in that:  

  • personal data held must be accurate, should only be accessible by employees who require it, and must only be used for specific purposes; 
  • owners of personal data can request and view the data held on them, can have errors corrected, and have the right to have their data erased from Sinbad Marine Services’ records;  
  • where Sinbad Marine Services receives a query from the owner of personal data, Sinbad Marine Services will act upon the query as soon as possible and respond no later than within one month. 

 How Sinbad Marine Services protects personal data

Sinbad Marine Services undertakes a range of measures to protect the confidential and sensitive data it handles.   

  • Data access: Only Sinbad Marine Services employees who require access to personal data to carry out their roles, have access to this data. 
  • Sharing and selling data: Sinbad Marine Services has a strict policy of never sharing personal data with third parties unless this is authorised by the data owner. In any circumstance, Sinbad Marine Services will never sell the personal data it holds to any other party or agent. 
  • Use of applications: Where Sinbad Marine Services collects and stores personal data, the company’s policy is that it will only use applications that are authoritative and trustworthy, i.e. have an existing good reputation for the service they provide and operate their business to the same high standards as Sinbad Marine Services with respect to the security and safe-keeping of personal data.  
  • Data retention: Sinbad Marine Services will only retain records of personal data for as long as it is necessary for the purpose for which it was originally collected. Sinbad Marine Services will always unsubscribe data owners or erase data when requested by the data owner. 
  • Data breach: In the unlikely event of a data breach which presents a risk to affected individuals, Sinbad Marine Services will immediately contact the Data Protection Commissioner and the individual(s) affected, and will fully cooperate with the Data Protection Commissioner to investigate the breach and ensure that the breach does not recur.  

Managing requests regarding personal data

Sinbad Marine Services respects the right of data owners to request and view the data held on them, requests to have errors corrected, and requests to have personal data erased from Sinbad Marine Services’ records.  

  • In order to have a record of requests including a record of timelines, Sinbad Marine Services requests that data owners submit requests in writing to its business address – Shore Road, Killybegs, Co. Donegal, F94 DC8N, Ireland, or in writing electronically to [email protected]  
  • Sinbad Marine Services will act upon the request as soon as possible and no later than within one month.   
  • If necessary, Sinbad Marine Services may initially correspond with the data owner to verify the authenticity of the request and to ensure that correspondence is in fact with the data owner (e.g. by phone or electronically via the email address on record associated with the data owner).  
  • Once the authenticity of the requestor and the request is verified, Sinbad Marine Services will act upon the request as appropriate:  
  • For requests to send or view data, Sinbad Marine Services will send a copy of the personal data held to the data owner in writing. Depending on the request, this may also include information on the purpose for which the data is held, who has access to it and why, and what the retention period of the data is.  
  • For requests to have errors corrected, the company will correct the error where applicable. Once actioned, the company will confirm to the data owner when the data has been corrected in Sinbad Marine Services’ records.   
  • For requests to unsubscribe from any of Sinbad Marine Services’ mailing lists, Sinbad Marine Services will remove the data owner’s email address from the relevant distribution list.  
  • For requests to have data permanently erased, Sinbad Marine Services will delete all data relating to the personal deleted from all relevant tools. As necessary, this may include database tools, mailing/subscription lists and contact directories.   

It is the responsibility of Sinbad Marine Services to ensure that the above obligations are carried out according to Sinbad Marine Services’ legal obligations, and in an efficient and timely manner.  

For any queries or requests relating to data privacy, please email Sinbad Marine Services at [email protected]