Ships Agency

Our agents speak English, Spanish and French to assist our foreign clients visiting the port.

As Ships Agents, our main priority is to assist each of our clients to effect a safe and efficient port turnaround.  Our marine expertise, local knowledge and connections are second to none. Our strength lies in knowing where to source high quality products and services in the shortest time frame available.

Sinbad Marine Services provides ships agency services to approx. 500 vessels each year.

Typical services provided to vessels include:

  • Arranging berths, pilotage etc.
  • Bunkers and Lubes e.g. Marine Gas Oil (MGO) and IFO
  • Provisions, general supplies and bonded stores
  • Cargo handling and heavy lifts, including craneage and stevedoring
  • Ferry, tug and pilotboat hire
  • Crew changes and repatriation including medevacs
  • Transport to/from international markets (including containers)Electrical, hydraulic, motor repairs
  • Project management for specialist quayside operations
  • Customs clearance/customs consultancy service
  • Warehousing and Laydown

Our ships agency division attends to needs of a vast array of clients which includes Exploration Companies, Offshore Service Contractors, Fishing Vessels, Cargo Vessels, Cruise Liners, Tankers, Break Bulk Vessels, Survey Vessels, Wind Turbine Companies etc.

Here is what one client has to say:

What a star! I have never dealt with such an efficient , prompt and informative Agent before.  Wish they were all like him it would make my life so much easier.